PhysX FluidMark 1.0.0

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

File size: 5.6MB
Platform: Windows Vista, XP
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Date added: 2008-09-01
Publisher: -

PhysX FluidMark is a physics benchmark based on NVIDIA PhysX engine. This benchmark performs a fluid simulation by imitating the renderering of lava. Real physics parameters such as viscosity are used. SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) algorithm is enabled to increase the realism of the simulation.

Fluid simulation with PhysX will be added very soon to the demotool Demoniak3D and you will be able to code your own PhysX real time 3D scenes!

PhysX FluidMark can run in pure software mode (all calculations are done on the CPU), or in hardware mode. Hardware mode includes 2 kinds of hardware:

Ageia PhysX PPU
GeForce PhysX - GeForce 8/9/GTX200 graphics cards only
PhysX FluidMark requires the ForceWare 177.83 or higher to be installed. If you do not have a GeForce graphics card, you have to installe the PhysX System Software 8.08.01.

The startup interface allows you to tweak the benchmark features such as:

Benchmark mode or stability test / interactive mode. Interactive mode makes it possible to move the camera (mouse) and to pause PhysX engine (with P key).
Fullscreen or windowed for each type of run mode
Window size selection (standard or custom)
MSAA samples selection
Benchmarking parameters: time based or frames based



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