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Sunday, July 19, 2009
MediaFire Downloader | 9.2 Mb

This software used to automatically download the file on MediaFire. Requirements: Net 2.0. This program is used with Internet Download Manager (IDM). This is the help file for download on mediafire many become more gently because no need to copy the link into your browser and then wait out the direct link, then link to move directly to the download speeds (IDM).

Skin: is the show's program, with 10 interface for your choice
Remove Link when downloaded: Delete link when this link was completed download
Shutdown: The system will shutdown when the download link is completed
IDM path: the path of the executable file IDM.
Download Number: the number of file download dc simultaneously.
Download Timeout system will link to the download link if you currently download the minutes are set (by the speed too slow or error between them)

some Shortcuts :
Space: Transfer status Delay download link
Delete: Delete the link is selected
Ctrl + C: Copy the link is selected
Ctrl + X: Cut selected link
Mouse Double Click: Edit link is selected

Links: You can now add multiple link or link type folder
SaveTo: file download will be finished to save this folder
Password: pass if the link would have enabled this function.
Link color: for easy to distinguish the link 1 film or file you can choose different colors for easy look
Status: Default new link to add new state system will check the status of this to download.

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